About Me

Syukran Kamal Ruzzaman

Assalamu’alaikum. Greetings

Alongsite.wordpress.com is a personal blog maintained by myself, Mohammad Syukran Kamal Ruzzaman (Syukran Kamal) who is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Creative Technology and Heritage (FTKW), Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. I’m a Bachelor of Education (Interactive Multimedia) with Honors and Masters of Instructional Multimedia from Universiti Sains Malaysia.  My core fields are in animated visual, motion graphics, computer-based instruction design, visual effects, 3D rendering and visualization, graphic design and instructional design. In present, I am the coordinator for several courses such as 2D and 3D Animation, Basic Multimedia and Web Technology, New Media History,  Video Exploration, 2D Computer Graphic, Computer and Art, Animation History 3D Graphic Modelling, and Creative Digital Art.  

I’m on my track to pursue my study in PhD and also actively participate in the curriculum development in my faculty, consulting the creative industries, organizing academic affairs as well as involving in several researches which are still in progress. My research interests are in the human persuasive technology, computer interaction, mobile learning, multimedia cognitive process, and animation concept design.

This blog is dedicated to my acquaintances, clients, students, researchers, scholars and those who seek for ideas and inspirations especially in multimedia creative. Here is a platform where perspectives from creative industries, art and technologies were shared, where ideas can be triggered and where solution can be crafted. 


Mohammad Syukran Kamal Ruzzaman 

Creative Technology Design Department
Faculty of Creative Technology and Heritage
Universiti Malaysia Kelantan
E-mail I – syukran@umk.edu.my
E-mail II – mosyukk@gmail.com
E-mail III – mosyukk@live.com
Facebook – facebook.com/syukkamal
Instagram – instagram.com/syuk_matsaleh


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