3D – Refers to objects that are rendered visually on paper, film or on screen in three planes (X, Y and Z). In the computer, a 2D drawing program can be used to illustrate a 3D object; however, in order to interactively rotate an object in all axes, it must be created as a 3D drawing in a 3D drawing program

3D Visualization – Refers to a variety of technologies that provide a real-life 3D visual appearance that is displayed in print, in a computer, in the movies or on TV. The 3D in this context, also called “stereoscopic imaging,” “stereo 3D,” “3D stereo” and “3D imaging,” differs from 3D graphics, 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and regular 3D animations. Such images may be rendered as 3D objects, but viewers clearly do not sense real depth. See 3D graphics and solid modeling.